Development of TR4 Fusarium-resistant varieties

Rahan Meristem Research and Development Department is involved in the development of banana varieties resistant to Fusarium TR4. The “GAL” variety was improved and clones that showed TR4 resistance under greenhouse condition were selected. These clones are in a field trial in a heavily infected area in the Philippines in the past year. The results look promising, the trees have bloomed and gave a very good first yield. Lately we started a new project to develop another resistant variety based on our short Valery variety

Phenomics – Agriculture of the Future

Rahan Meristem is Participating in a phenotyping consortium with other Israeli companies to develop an automated tool to early detect plant stress. This tool is combining the use of state-of-the-art sensors, artificial intelligent, and machine learning.

Avocado rootstock from a culture

Rahan Meristem R&D Department has recently developed a protocol to propagate Avocado rootstocks by tissue culture. 

New: Kiwi seedlings propagated from tissue culture

we now sell Kiwi plants propagated by tissue culture. We have several varieties: Hayward 8 (female), Bruno (male), and rootstock that originated from Bruno.

Blueberry seedlings propagated from tissue culture

In Recent years we have witnessed increasing global demand for blueberries, following their recognition as a superfood. The R&D Department has developed a method for propagating blueberry’s by tissue culture.

Medicinal Cannabis

We have a research license from the Israeli medicinal Cannabis unit. We are developing a new elite medicinal cannabis varieties using our tissue culture methods.

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