“We sell technology, not just plants”

Rahan Meristem, is an agro-biotech company with over 40 years’ experience in plant propagation and breeding. it is one of the largest companies in the Western world specializing in propagation and breeding of bananas and plantains by tissue cultures.

Our work covers many aspects of plant biology and include: cell biology, mass propagation in tissue cultures, breeding and conventional planting. Rahan’s breeding programs are customized to the customer’s requirements and to various environmental conditions.

Our products include cavendish varieties, which are protected by plant breeder rights and patents: ADI, GAL, JAFFA, RA as well as open varieties such as GRANDE NAINE, WILLIAMS, HARTON DOMINIQUE, HARTON ENANO, FHIA, PRATA, etc.

Deciduous fruit trees

Rahan Meristem laboratories produces rootstock and varieties of various fruit trees including plum, peach, nectarine, almond, apple and pear. Our nurseries produce grafted plants of various fruit varieties such as avocado, citrus, persimmon etc. we also have non-grafted trees such as olive. All of our plants are produced from mother plants that were tested for viruses and pathogens.

Paving the Way in Agro-Biotechnology

Rahan Meristem tissue culture facilities and the R&D Department are equipped with advanced equipment and operated by a skilled team of scientists and technicians. Rahan’s technical expertise has made the company an industry leader.

As experts in cell and tissue cultures, we offer an array of laboratory and agro-technical services to academic and industrial customers, including test to detect and eliminate plant viruses, mutagenesis in culture, and tissue culture-based breeding. Our technical team provides assistance in the design and construction of the tissue culture laboratories worldwide.

Quality Control

We are determined to provide our customers highest quality plants. We operate and certified with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system in order to assure the quality of all our products.

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