Date - Palm Trees

Rahan Meristem:
Supplier of the following selected varieties:
Barhi: Sweet and juicy, oval shape date fruit with smooth,
clear skin and yellow in color.
Medjoul: Sweet date-fruit, extremely large size and soft to
the touch. Its color varies from light to dark brown.
Deglet Nour: Harvested semi-dry, this date has an excellent
flavor and is dark brown in color.

Palma datilera

Rahan Meristem:
Suministro de las siguientes variedades selectas:
Barhi: Dulce y jugoso, este dátil ovalado presenta una piel lisa y limpia de color amarillo.
Medjoul: Dátiles dulces, de gran calibre y blandos al tacto. Su color varía de marrón claro a marrón oscuro.
Deglet Nour: Este dátil, que se cosecha semiseco, tiene un sabor excelente y es de color marrón oscuro.

parent Olives


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