New Valery:

Rahan Meristem and Dole Colombia are engaed in a joint research project aimed at improvement of Vallery. The selected clones have significantly higher yield then existing valery but the plant stature is lower.



In collaboration with Antilles vitro Plants  (AVP) and  Meristem Antilles (MA), Rahan will present seminars on October 24th in Martinique and October 27th in Guadeloupe, on Rahan’s new selections and technologies  in banana culture.


Plant phenomics

Rahan is leading a  a Plant Phenomics project in a consorcium with Israeli Biotechnology, computation technology and optics companies. Brainstorming.


 TR4 resistance

Rahan’s R&D Dept. is currently engaged in a collaboration research with The University of Wageningen, aimed at developing resistance to Panama disease (Fusarium wilt TR4).


Inoguration: Rahan Meristem Opened a new TC laboratory

Rahan Meristem Opened a new TC laboratory for banana production in Mindanao, Philippines. This laboratory will propagate Rahan’s selections for clients in the Philippines.