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Process for selecting banana clones and banana clones obtained thereby (US 8,097,773, B2 – publication date, January 17th 2012)

The patent entails a technology of obtaining a population of mutants generated by in-vitro manipulation of plants. The genetic mechanism of mutagenesis is related to activation of specific retro-transposable elements in in-vitro plants. The claims include protection of the varieties GAL and JAFFA

Plants resistant to cytoplasmic – feeding parasites (US 8,716,554,B2 – publication date May 6, 2014).

The technology encompasses expression of a double stranded RNA element in plants that targets a specific gene (col -5) in nematodes. This silencing element  abolishes the development of nematodes embryos. The consequence, is complete resistance to plant pathogenic nematodes.

Salt responsive genes useful for generating salt resistant transgenic plants (US 7,897, 840, B2 Publication date, March 1, 2011).

The technology entails expression of specific genes from a unicellular algae that sustains under extreme saline conditions. Plants conferring the genes are highly tolerant to salinity and drought habitats.

Banana plant named “ADI” ( US PP20, 645, P3 – issued January 12, 2010). The variety ADI is protected by breeder’s rights in Israel, Costa Rica, The European Union-CPOV.

The variety ADI is a Cavendish banana encompassing low stature, quick flowering and fruit set, heavy bunch and more fingers per hand.

Banana plant named “RA”

Patent under review in various parts of the world.