Bananas and plantains

As experts in banana production, we offer a wide selection of different varieties to our customers.  Our main focus is dessert bananas, but we also supply selected plantain varieties. We own the Cavendish banana varieties GAL, JAFFA, ADI and RA, which are protected by breeder’s rights and patents. In certain banana producing areas, such as the French West Indies and Colombia, our selections comprise a large majority of planted material. Our mission is to help develop a sustainable, healthier, more economical, and chemically free banana industry.  We have identified the traits that are important to the industry and using our R&D expertise we are developing products that encompass these characteristics

Dessert varieties

Cavendish types:

• Grand Nain (several selected clones)
• Williams (several selected clones)
• Valery
• Zelig
• RA
• Ofir
• Dwarf Cavendish & its selections

Non-Cavendish types:

• Apple Banana
• FHIA selections

Plantain selections

•Horn type (Harton etc.)
•French Horn type (Harton Dominique etc.)
•French type (Dominico etc.)