Development of TR4 Fusarium-resistant varieties

The R&D Department is involved in the development of varieties of bananas that are resistant to the TR4 strain of Fusarium. The variety underwent improvement and lines were found that showed resistance to TR4 in a greenhouse trial. These lines have been in a field trial for over one year in a highly infected area of the Philippines. The results appear promising. At the same time, we are working on the development of a Fusarium-resistant variety known as Valery.

Phenomics – Agriculture of the Future

Rahan Meristem is spearheading a project in precision agriculture (phenomics) of plant in a consortium with Israeli biotech, computer tech and optic companies. In this project, we ‘teach’ computers to identify stress in plants through an advanced sensor system, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Avocado rootstock from a culture

Innovative development from the R&D Department, propagation of avocado rootstock in tissue culture: Dgania 117, Fairchild, Ashdot, 17 Schiller, and the VC series.

New: Kiwi seedlings propagated from tissue culture

For the first time in Israel, top quality kiwi seedlings propagated from tissue culture. Hayward 8, males for fertilization and rootstock that was developed to be chalk-resistant.

Blueberry seedlings propagated from tissue culture

Recent years have witnessed increasing global demand for blueberries, following their recognition as a superfood. The R&D Department is spearheading an innovative development for the propagation of a variety of strains of blueberry seedlings in tissue culture.

Cannabis propagated from tissue culture

Research and Development of new superior varieties with medicinal properties that are adapted to specific illnesses, and the requested agricultural and agrotechnical properties. We have a license from the Medical Cannabis Unit.

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